ayurvedic skills for living, a life changing experience

Welcome, Each year, I am blessed to partner with 20-30 individuals and help them unleash their inner healer. This course is presented as a six module immersion, which serves as the foundation for introducing Ayurveda’s major themes in an easy to understand, immediately useable way.

In order to truly understand Ayurveda, you have to experience it. First you work on yourselve, clean up your body/mind and then you can share with others.

My overall goal is to EMPOWER and EDUCATE each student, on the basic user friendly principals of Ayurveda. This course is for those wishing to take control of their health, in a loving nurturing way. If you think about it, your health is your greatest asset. If your healthy, then you have the ability to throw your self wholeheartedly into life. Ayurveda is a time honored modality which has as its goal, optimal health and longevity for the individual. The emphasis is on prevention and maintenance of the body/mind. 

Rather that waiting until we get sick, Ayurveda looks to our day to day habits and suggests practices done over a persons lifetime to keep the body healthy and balanced. So come and be part of a group of like minded adventurers. Be a trailblazer and invest your time in your health. Learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda from an experienced nurturing teacher like Eleni. Its the best gift you can give yourself.

Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science is the natural healing system of India. It is a 5000 old, wisdom based, traditional folk medicine. More than just a medical system, Ayurveda is a way of life. The primary focus is on co-operating and living in harmony with our true nature. Ayurveda’s emphasis is on prevention, without neglecting cure. This ancient science views each person as a unique and complex mix of the physical, energetic, spiritual and psychological.

First and foremost, you will learn Ayurveda in a fun, safe, immersing environment. You will hang out with some like minded souls and learn, a whole new way of looking at yourself and your health. You will adopt daily rituals to maintain your health and experience greater vitality, amazing digestion and elimination. Your sleep will improve and your energy will increase. Your mind will be clear and focussed and your emotional outlook and relationships will improve. You will also have a greater connection to nature and a deepening sense of your Each weekend we will spend time in my kitchen, the mother of the house. This is where we create our food and alchemize our medicine!! To give you a taste, some of the goodies we will make include ghee, kitcheree, seasonal spice blends, medicated oils, balms, face powders, creating a home apothecary and much more.

The course is offered in two formats:

  1. Six in person weekends . This is the whole package and will equip you a big picture view of Ayurveda and give you the skills to become an effective home healer. The Format includes lecture, practical projects and student homework. Weekends are held at 971 Manzanita street, Silverlake LA 90029. Class days and times are Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm. Lunch is 1 hour each day. Cost of course $1800.

  2. Individual modules. You want to commit, but you don’t have the time. Pick and choose from modules 1-6 and attend those. If you want to get the full effects of this course then take module 1 in combination with any other module. The birst class lays the foundation and provides a context for the later classes. Module 1 can be attended in person or you can purchase and listen to the recorded lecture. Each module is self contained and builds from the previous one. At the beginning of each module, we will review the basics of Ayurveda as they relate to the module being taught. The dates, times and locations are the same. The cost is $400. per module 


  • Module 1: March 10-11 - Ayurvedic Theory and Philosophy
  • Module 2: April 7-8 - An Ayurvedic View of the Body
  • Module 3: April 28-29 - Lifestyle is the New Medicine
  • Module 4: June 2-3 - Food and Nutrition
  • Module 5: July 7-8 - Herbs as Digestive Aids and Medicine
  • Module 6: August 4-5 - Practices for the Mind, Emotions and Psyche


Module 1 - Ayurvedic Theory and Philosophy

The goal of this module is to introduce students to the philosophy, cosmology and spirituality that underpins the Ayurvedic understanding of the world and the individual.

  • Big Picture - The Ayurvedic view of life, health and spirituality
  • The redefinition of health and disease
  • Where does disease come from and what causes it
  • The role we play in our health
  • What's the meaning of life - an ayurvedic approach
  • Samkhya philosophy - The evolution of consciousness into matter
  • The seamless, fundamental relationship between Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Introduction to Tridosha theory
  • Who am I? How to determine your body type and your current state. 

Module 2 - The Body an Ayurvedic view

The goal of this module is to introduce students to the three Dosha’s and provide a deeper understanding of their function beyond the form.

  • Going behind the Doshas
  • The three energetic templates of matter
  • The 10 pairs of opposites qualities
  • The Five Elements, the building blocks of life
  • The three body types, Vata, Pitta, Kapha
  • The Doshic process and its ever-changing cycles throughout our lives, the seasons, times of day, and our digestive process
  • The three supports of life- Eating a life supporting Diet, Sleep, the body’s repair system and management of daily stressors
  • Digestive bire or Agni, the centerpiece of Health
  • Toxins or Ama and their role in the dis-ease process
  • Daily detoxing-How effective is yours daily?
  • Healthy immunity or Ojas, the foundation of good health

Module 3 - Lifestyle is the new medicine

The goal of this module is to introduce the daily practices throughout your lifetime and together we will design personal practices to stabilize the body/mind and maintain health.

  • Food practices and excellent digestion, your key to health and vitality
  • Daily health regimens for spring, summer, fall, winter and transitional periods
  • The secrets of your tongue
  • Easy in easy out, the secrets to healthy satisfying elimination
  • Learn to love your sleep and how to create and energy bank
  • Practices for relaxation and stress management
  • Does your home and work environment support and nourish your soul?

Module 4 - Food, Nutrition
The goal of this module is to introduce food as the foundational pillar of medicine and wellness, which places the individual at the center of the digestive experience.

  • Food the Ayurvedic perspective
  • Categories of Food and the six Ayurvedic tastes
  • Food Practices - Preparation and cooking of food, a nurturing practice
  • Food quality and eating practices(frequency of meals, water consumption, the role of healthy fats, raw food vs. cooked food, organic vs. fresh)
  • Deciphering mild digestive symptoms
  • Determining the right food for my digestive capacity
  • Creating an individualized food plan 

Module 5 - Introduction to Herbs Nature's Medicine

The goal of this module is to introduce students to the world of spices and their use as digestive aids and medicines.

  • 15 x Culinary spices that will change your life
  • Using spices as medicine
  • Using herbs to bire up your metabolic processes and detoxify the system
  • Herbal tonics over a lifetime
  • Herbal teas that support and increase mental focus
  • Creating a herbal dispensary
  • Learn to make your own herbal goodies 

Module 6 - Managing Mind and Emotions

The goal of this module is to introduce Ayurveda’s sister science yoga and its major tools, Asana, Pranayama and meditation as practices to focus and stabilize the mind.

  • The elements as expressed in the mind and personality
  • The subtle doshas of the mind
  • What's your predominate archetype?
  • Proactive, Reactive or inactive
  • How to change habits
  • Are you excited about life.......full of joy and energy?
  • Does your life have meaning and purpose
  • Are you engaging in the best exercise for your body type
  • Meditation (focused attention) & Pranayama (breathing exercises) as tools to treat the mind and emotions

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