Words of Wisdom Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, take a seat and explore the offerings of Ayurveda’s WOW!!!!! This section is
intended to introduce Ayurveda”s basic themes.

This section is offered in 4 parts and in different formats to honor our individual ways of learning.

Articles, Blogs and Newsletters are for those who like to read. My goal here is to introduce you to some of the Ayurvedic Basics, like
history, philosophy, health, the body types, conscious eating, seasonal practices, community offerings and much much more.

Videos For those who are visual, please visit the ever-growing Youtube Videos. I am building a library of easy to understand, user
friendly classes that visit many of the blog topics.

The Medicine Chest, has informative articles on common herbs, their therapeutic effects and some of my favorite herbal recipes.

Recipes features yummy easy to make whole food, plant based recipes. Here's to your good health!


Articles, Blog & Newsletters