Mineralizing Bone Tea

I believe that herbs are a girl's best friend. They are nature's super foods and vitamin pill in one. Dried herbs come with minimal processing which means your body can utilize and digest them effectively. In Ayurveda and Western herbalism, herbs are consumed in groups or formulas. That's because as a group, they enhance the potency of the formula and balance any unwanted aspect that an individual herb may have. You will notice that all the teas on this site have at least 4 herbs. The herbs in this formula are rich in minerals, calcium, silica and posses antioxidant qualities. They support the mineralization of bones and supply nutrients, vitamins, moisture and elasticity to the body.

The Herbs

  • Nettle leaf
  • Oat straw
  • Hibiscus Flower
  • Horse Tail

All have a long and safe history of use in both Ayurvedic and Western herbalism. If you have not drunk strong herbal teas before, you may find that they have a grassy flavor. Add some honey and this will make the tea taste great!

I have been drinking variations of this tea for two years now. My goal is to feed my body micronutrients in their natural form. I feel great, my skin feels supple and nourished, my bones are strong and flexible and my energy and vitality is of good quality and constant.

When using fresh or dried herbs and teas, we use larger amounts. For this tea I use 2 Tablespoons of each herb to 40z of boiled water. Stir and let sit overnight. The next day, strain and sip throughout the day. You can reheat if you like.

Nettle leaf
A herbalists best friend. Nettle is nutrient dense plant and a wonderful tonic Many of nettles benefits are due to its high mineral content that are easily assimilated and provide a wealth of nutrients to the system. Its the best source of digestible plant iron magnesium, calcium, Vitamin A and high levels of chlorophyll. It contains potassium, phosphorous, manganese, silica, iodine, sulphur, sodium and is rich in Vitamin K content ( assists with bone formation). Its also a good source of carotene, Vitamin C and the B vitamins along with high levels of protein.

Oat straw
Many people are well aware of the benefits of oats and oatmeal. Oats help reduce blood cholesterol levels, remove body fat, soften skin(baths and facial masks) and provide an excellent source of healthy carbohydrates. However, not as many people are aware of the healing properties contained in oat straw. Calcium-rich oat straw (avena sativa), is the green oat grass and tops in the “milky” stage before the mature oat grains form a head. Western herbalism promotes oat straw for osteoporosis and osteopenia. Oat straw is also promoted as being a calming nervine herb, which can be used as a remedy for anxiety. The herb has been recently proven to aid in cognitive performance in the brain.

Is a pleasant tasting herb that is rich in polyphenols. It possess anti oxidant actions and has demonstrated liver and heart protective actions along with anti obesity effects Hibiscus tea inhibits calcification. An important factor in building bone is getting calcium into the bone as opposed to creating calcification or hardness of the bones, arteries or kidneys. I love hibiscus and drink it as part of this mixture as well as making a cold water infusions ( 1oz herb to 2 quarts/liters of room temperature water. Allow herbs and water to sit overnight for 8-12 hours) Refrigerate and enjoy! It helps beat the summer heat and is a refreshing naturally cooling drink.

Horsetail has traditionally been used by many herbalists for its soothing diuretic properties It is also recommended for the treatment of urinary tract infections. Due to its high level of silica, it is used to support all the structures of the body that utilize silica. The structures that Horsetail nourishes are the bones, cartilage, hair, nails, skin and mucous membranes. All structures with collagen will be supported by this herb.
**** this herb should not be consumed long term by pregnant women due to its diuretic effects.