It's All About Perspective

Ayurveda makes a bold statement…“ You, the individual, have to digest everything that comes in”.


Our bodies are amazing. Think about it for a minute, Your digestive tract has the ability to break down that veggie burger, salad, chocolate, xmas cookie or whatever food you ingest into a liquid to feed your body. Our diet builds the physical body, mind, emotions and spirit.  All aspects of human functioning are intelligent, in constant communication and operates much like a vast network. 

Your mind also has to digest everything that comes in through your senses. They are the portals or entry points through which we take in experiences. The mind downloads all sensory input. It then assigns it meaning, reference and emotions based on your family, friends and societal conditioning.

In a way, what we let in determines our view of reality.  What are you letting in?  How are you building your picture of the world?   Who is in charge of your attention? Do you control where you put your attention or are you at the beck and call of social media? Is your world view determined by outside forces? Oh, and what about your emotional state? Are you happy, optimistic, mentally flexible? What are your relationships like? Are you able to have conversations, or do you have a fixed, rigid perspective?

Time to take responsibility for your life and outlook. The goal of Yoga and Ayurveda is to create a healthy vibrant focused mind and body. Great emphasis is placed on the individuals power to choose what we let in. 
Our choice of where we put our attention, shapes our mental and emotional health. Positive input creates a happier mind. 

The word responsibility contains the word “respond” when we respond in the same way to a situation, we will get the same results.  But, when we take a different approach, then we create something new. Our mind becomes more adaptable and plastic…we create new things and in the course of taking new action we become empowered.  

The goal becomes one of moderating what you let in and what you keep out. Corporations, governments and some bloggers, make lots of money by pushing an agenda that shapes your view of the world. When our attention is outwardly focused, external events create our reality. We look to the outside world to determine if we are thin enough, rich enough, young enough and so on…However, when we learn to turn attention inwards and focus the mind, we become creators.

Bottom line you need a little bit of both, attention in and out. The path of Yoga and Ayurveda is one of moderation, enquiry and a cultivation of positive emotions…As the old saying goes. “a life unexamined is a life not lived” or something like that. 

So what do you do? Here are three things that work for me:

1. Start your day with a nurturing practice. Do something for you.
My morning rituals include, sitting in my garden, drinking my morning cup of coffee, whilst mentally giving thanks for the blessings in my life. I meditate for 30 minutes and then take Ruby my pooch on her morning walk. Then I’m ready to enter the world by reading emails and social media. I have found that limiting myself to 20 minutes of news per day works for me.  How you start your day determines your outlook for the rest of the day…what can you do that makes you feel great?
Pick one thing and practice it regularly for 30 days. 

2.  Surround yourself with positive happy people
Happiness is infectious. People who exude the traits you love, rub off on you. I have the good fortune of sharing my life for 13 years with my husband, Robert, who has a light and happy heart. Thankfully it has rubbed off on me!!!! Cultivating a happy optimistic perspective, means that I always expect things to turn out well.  It’s a practice that I cherish. 

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3. Count your blessings and bring meaning into your life “Every cloud has a silver lining”…yeah but when I’m in the thick of my stuff, I just can’t see it.

Everything I have read, and immerse myself in, suggests that happy positive people lead healthy, creative, abundant lives. This is my life’s journey. Every day, I give thanks for all the wonderful things that I have in my life. I go through a mental list and have consciously cultivated a happy, optimistic outlook on life. The current science and thinking states that we are both the observers and creators of our world………ready!!!!!!

in gratitude
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