The Ayurvedic Nutrition course is offered in two parts:
In Part One, my goal is education. You will learn the Ayurvedic model of health in which food, digestion and metabolism are the cornerstone of wellness. The information will help you to reconnect with your body’s natural intelligence. You have a choice of attending classes either in person, on line, or listening to the recorded lectures at your convenience. I have partnered with two Yoga studios, where the classes will be offered in person. The course length is twelve hours and the cost is $130.

In Part 2, my goal is transformation through regular daily practices.
This is the practice and accountability part. In part one you learnt the Ayurvedic information on nutrition.

Now you get to practice and experience the teachings as they apply to you. We will create individualized sustainable practices aligned to your particular digestive needs. You will be part of a small like minded community dedicated towards personal
transformation. These classes are offered only in person.

If you are a new student, I recommend that you schedule two privates with me before the the part 2
course starts. The private consultations will allow us to really dig into and uncover your individual
constitution and your digestive needs. If you are an existing student you should schedule at least one
consultation with me to ascertain whats going on for you now.

Ayurveda is about the individual and how you process, metabolize, and react to everything that your
body/mind takes in. Information is like a group class, lots of general ahah!!!! moments that don't always
lead to change. Its when the information is individualized and then practiced regularly over a period of
time that transformation happens. Practice allows each person to embody and own the changes. Over
time you create healthy life sustaining practices.